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Welcome to Essential.

Our philosophy is all about going back to basics: good quality massage and soft tissue therapy, affordable pricing and treatments centred around you.  This means you get a treatment that focuses on what you want to get from it.  No routines, no one-size-fits-all, no mucking around.


The philosophy here is all about going back to basics: good quality massage and soft tissue therapy, affordable pricing and treatments centred around you.  This means you get a treatment that focuses on what you want to get from it.  


No routines, no one-size-fits-all, no mucking around.

m: 07787 541 619

Kath Breslin Burn

BA (hons), dip.SRMT, MSMA

m: 07787 541 619

I qualified from NLSSM: The School of Sports Massage in 2011 with a BTEC Level 5 in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, a qualification which is widely recognised as being amongst the best in the industry.  I have worked in all sorts of environments since, from professional football to major sporting championships to private practice with individuals from all walks of life.  I balance an approach to treatment that puts the whole person at the centre with clinical assessment (where necessary) and hands which listen.  I am passionate about the difference soft tissue therapy can make to people's lives and believe that it should be more widely available.

I have been a Director of the SMA: The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists since 2015 and have been working to create more of a community within the membership since being appointed. I  have been working for the SMA since 2012, managing their membership administration and improving the efficiency of our operation.

I have been a tutor for NLSSM since they launched courses in Manchester in 2015.  It is an absolute privilege to be passing on this skill to the fabulous students up here.  Not only that, having to teach what once I learned has enhanced my own knowledge and treatment style.

I have played various sports in my time - rugby (which broke my ankle), horse riding, running, road cycling and triathlon but now mainly focus on strength training, mountain biking and the occasional bit of swimming. I  seem to spend a lot of time supporting my husband at various long-distance running events (always on the job...!) and chasing after my now-eight-year-old son.



My philosophy is that soft tissue therapy should be not just of high quality but also affordable.  Too many people suffer with bad backs, little muscle tweaks and aches and pains for too long without doing something about it because it seems out of reach financially.  I've been one of them and so, for all the high level of training I've undertaken and all the experience I have (and knowing exactly what I'm worth), I want what I do to be accessible to all.


Back to basics.


General relaxation massage

Deep tissue massage

Sports massage

Remedial massage

Pre- and post-natal massage


One-Off Treatments

1 hour - £35 (this breaks down into £30 for the treatment, plus £5 set-up time)

30 minutes - £25 (this breaks down into £20 for the treatment, plus £5 set-up time)

Just the one, please

Taking Care of Yourself Treatments

If you fancy a regular treatment once a month to make sure you keep on top of any niggles,  or just give yourself a regular treat (you've earned it!), you can choose to set up a monthly recurring payment.  You guarantee that the payment will come in at the same time very month and I will guarantee a reduced rate of £30 for an hour and £20 for 30 minutes (paying no set-up time).  


**You must maintain payments for this rate to be valid.  Any failure of payments will result in you paying in full for subsequent treatments**

Once a month, please

Pick a Package

Not sure you want to commit to monthly payments?  Or you'd prefer to come back more than once a month because you've something needing working on?  How about paying for 5 treatments in one block?  Again, there's no set-up charge here so you'd pay £150 for 5 hour-long treatments and £100 for 5 half-hour treatments.  

I'll take 5, please

**All treatments must be booked within twelve months of purchase.  I will not offer refunds after twelve months has passed if you have not used all the treatments in the offer.  If you decide not to return before this time period has passed I will charge treatments already taken at the full rate and refund you the difference (so, if you've used 2 out of 5 hours, the 2 hours used will be charged at £35 and you will be refunded £80 less deductions for PayPal commission)**


I am based in Stockport, South Manchester, and can easily reach anywhere in the Stockport area (or within a half-hour drive of where I live).  Please contact me for pricing and availability if you live further afield.


I work mostly during school hours (and term-time) on Monday to Friday.  Call 07787 541 619 or e-mail to book an appointment.


Evening and weekend appointments are occasionally available - please contact me to see if anything is coming up soon.